Keep breathing.
Hey! My name is Danu and I'm 16 years old. I'm from Argentina, and I like anime, books and food.
Special space reserved to: Game of Thrones, Danganronpa, Jonas Brothers, B.A.P, Shadowhunters, Harry Potter, Pandora Hearts & moreeeeeeeee.

Don't fuck with me.
I'm a redhead.
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Lorcan & Lysander Lovegood-Scamander
“Oh, what a pity,” they heard people say, “the world is so small now, nothing there to discover. What’s left is only to “invent” new creatures, right?” they heard people laugh. “Right!” thought the twins. “What a great idea!”
And on their mother’s birthday, they gave Luna her favorite Gulping Plimpies, made out of the Gurdyroot’s essence, small two-legged fish and, well, magic. “You always taught us to believe that anything is possible. And, the thing is, mom, - in our world, it definitely is!”

(They also presented their father with their own version of the Philosopher’s Stone, which turns metal into shinny glitter. “Same principle, changes on the molecular level, but who needs gold anyway!”)
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Hugo Weasley
Hugo always loved a sense of peace, quiet and serenity. As a child, he was the best at playing hide-and-seek. No one, not even James, could find him, which, of course, only made James want to play more. “How do you do it? I looked everywhere! You can’t just disappear!” “Leave me alone, James! I just want to read!” he’d cry. “No! Let’s do it again! I will find you this time, you’ll see!” “No, you won’t!” “Oh yes I will! Now come on. One, two, three…”
…It was not until years later, of course, that Hugo confessed to discovering his uncle’s Cloak long before everyone else did.
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Louis Weasley
The Daily Prophet had a field day when the investigation of a mysterious anti-government newspaper calling upon the abolition of the Statute of Secrecy led to no other than a nephew of Harry Potter himself. “Five thousands people are getting brainwashed every year in UK alone for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and we still use owls for communication. Are you seriously asking me why?” Louis replied to the reporter. “Now excuse me, I have a very awkward family dinner to attend to.”
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Lucy Weasley
Lucy never liked politics. All this talk about war and Dark Arts, silly robes, ugly statues in ugly buildings. She wanted others to see the world like she saw it: full of mystery, and love, and beauty. And magic, magic everywhere.
And so what if she herself can’t perform it.